Memorial Scholarships

Scholarships have been awarded to family members of the police officers and fire fighters whose names are inscribed on the West Park Police and Firefighters Memorial. This is made possible due to the generosity of the community and the sponsors of the West Park Police and Firefighters Fund.

Each year the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association and the Association of Cleveland Fire Fighters each select one scholarship recipient. It is fitting that a third scholarship is given to a Saint Joseph Academy student as a result of annually hosting and supporting the West Park Police and Firefighters Heroes Run.

The Saint Joseph Academy student is selected with the approval of both the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association and the Association of Cleveland Fire Fighters. The West Park Police and Firefighters Memorial Fund were established in part to contribute to the educational needs of the children of our fallen West Park heroes.

This Memorial would not have been possible without the support of the families of the fallen officers and the many donors and volunteers who have given generously of their resources and time to make this Memorial a reality.

The Saint Joseph Academy $2,000 Scholarship – 2017

Megan Lane is a junior at Saint Joseph Academy and the second oldest of the four Lane sisters. Her parents are Sergeant Charles W. Lane III and Margarita Lane.

At Saint Joseph Academy, Megan has been involved with Jaguar athletics, including softball and cross country. She is a school Ambassador and a member of the Irish Club. Megan volunteered at sports camps this past summer and plans to begin volunteering at Fairview Hospital and possibly Youth Challenge this year.

Megan’s father, paternal grandfather, Sergeant Charles W. Lane II and maternal great-grandfather are all members of the Cleveland Police Department.


Local 93 Firefighters Union $2000 Scholarship

Nathan Schuerger, 25, great grandson of Ralph Simon, who, along with Joseph Toolis, John Petz and Charles Doehner, died in the line of duty on August 4th, 1966 at the Metallurgical Inc. Fire at 9801 Walford Avenue. Nate is a graduate of Strongsville High School and The Ohio State University who is currently in the second year of the CCC/Cleveland State University Phyicians Assistant program.


Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association $2,000 Scholarship

Claire Hildegard Greller, daughter of Firefighter Michael and Anita Greller. She is the granddaughter of Patrolman William Greller, who’s End of Watch was 9/18/64. Claire is a Freshman at Xavier University where she is majoring in nursing.

Scholarship Recipients



2017Megan Lane
2017Nathan Schuerger
2017Claire Hildegard Greller
2016Robert Clark
2016Joseph Gibbons
2016Erin Ward
2015Andrew “AJ” Bonick
2015Colin Bonick
2015Jacob Corrigan
2015Madison McCandless
2014Lauren Golonka
2014Savannah Rose McGill
2014Samantha Hollenbeck
2014Megan Wolff
2014Taylor Wolff
2013Nicholas Leon
2013Brooke Schuerger
2013Kaitlyn Poschner
2012Jessica Breshnahan
2012Jill Breshnahan
2012Nathan Schuerger
2011Jasmine Massa
2011Bridget Dever
2011Joe Gibbons
2011Deidre Ruane
2010James Andrews III
2010Kylie Brooks
2010Lauren Brooks
2010Gabrielle Leon
2009Alaina Clark
2009Kelly Shea
2009Mackenzie Dunn
2008Molly Butler
2008Justin Leon
2007Mara Biggs
2007Bernadette Lucarelli
2007Megan Spencer
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